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Sarah, Duchess of York

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On the go
The Duchess travels all across America talking about the importance of healthy eating and sensible weight management. She is always quick to point out that healthy eating is not just for those trying to shed pounds. A well-balanced diet and healthy eating habits are important for everyone in the family. One of the great benefits of losing weight on Weight Watchers is that you can share what you learn. If you are a parent, you have the opportunity to shape the diet and health of those at home. The Duchess believes strongly that parents have the power to be the most influential role models in their children's lives. For that reason, she encourages parents to go about teaching healthy eating habits at home, starting by setting a good example themselves. It's what she does with
her own family. Read her story here, and get
some tips, too.

success story
Reaching Her Goal Weight
Since reaching her weight goal in December 1997, the Duchess of York hasn't looked back. With the help of Weight Watchers, she's kept the weight off and embraced a healthier lifestyle.

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   Create a plan for pre-summer slimming down.
The best way to get what you want is to plan for it. Weight Watchers Winning Points not only helps you structure your weight-loss effort, it also lets you tailor your diet based on how you live and what you like to eat.

Sarah,  The Duchess of York
Wherever I Go
Success Story
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Grilled Vegtable Sandwich
This tasty and healthy sandwich is easy to prepare and low in POINTS too!
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close to my heart
Charity is always close to the Duchess’s heart.
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What does the Duchess do to beat a binge? Find the answer here.
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